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Last year we at the Coffee Hound introduced you to micro-lot farmer Alfonso Poncho Granados and the wonderful beans used to produce our Costa Rica La Loma. Prior to our partnership, Granados was at risk of losing his farm due to the rise of big farms and the subsequent drop in the price of coffee. However, thanks to a trip arranged by Tim O’Brien of The Green Coffee Vault last year, Coffee Hound roaster and co-owner, Steve Fritzen, was able to go down to La Loma Costa Rica and meet with Poncho and his family.

Now, as we have stated on our blog before, not only were lifelong friendships formed on that trip, but, while there, Steve recognized the remarkably high quality of the coffee produced by Poncho’s farm, compelling him to buy all but one bag of what was then the upcoming harvest and agreeing to pay a fair price for it with the prospect of later bonuses. Needless to say, back here in BloNo, Poncho’s coffee was a hit, and, as promised, we wired Poncho his well-deserved bonus just in time for holidays, knowing, that for a farmer of this size, it would make all the difference for his farm and family as they are still trying to prevent the coffee rust disease from destroying their crops and are still striving to excel in further enhancing the quality of their coffee.