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This month’s Coffee Hounds Featured Artist is Anna Chicoine whose work will be on display at our Normal location through the end of April.

Inspired by the variety of the flora, fauna, and insects of nature, along with the patterns found in the embroidery work of different cultures, Anna has developed a style she describes as combining “contemporary with vintage undertones while beautifying the smaller wonders in the world”.

Currently, Anna mostly does this through her screen printing, a medium she learned through “a self-taught learning experience full of YouTube videos and broken screens”. These prints reflect many of the ordinary things that Anna enjoys in her everyday life as she makes “something beautiful out of something that might be unnoticed for its delicate beauty” and hopes to help others find a love for intricate forms of art as well.

Moving forward, Anna plans to continue “to create more prints, and explore other mediums to print onto” and work “on a 2016 Spring and Fall Equinox series and a 2016 Summer Solstice print”. She is also “hoping to feature more enamel pins of [her] work in the near future”.

Among Anna’s favorite artists are Julia Rothman, Ryan Duggan, Jennifer Lawes, Jenna Blazevich, Haypeep, anyone from Tugboat Printshop, Laura Berger, Mel Kadel, and Jay Howell.

Her work has previously been featured at various art exhibits in the Chicago area.

To learn more about Anna’s work you can visit her Etsy store or stop by our Normal location and see it up close!

(Due to popular demand, Anna returned a second time with her work also being displayed in December of 2016).

Anna Chicoine | Parrot Print