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This month’s Downtown Bloomington F1rst Fr1day event, Tour de Couture Fashion Showcase, seeks to highlight the city’s independent fashion boutiques. To help celebrate the occasion, we at the Coffee Hound will be hosting a pop-up shop by local designer and our newest Coffee Hound Featured Artist, Kelley Jordan.

Jordan, founder of A8kelleyjordan, is best known for her white-Ts. Made in America and based in the idea of living in a white-t-shirt-kind-of-way, these simple, yet high quality shirts are characterized by their fine fabrics and comfortable, worn-in feel, as well as their ability to look great with both a woman’s regular jeans or finest skirts.

Although A8kelleyjordan started in her home, often with Jordan not beginning work until after her daughter went to bed at 8:00, A8kelleyjordan now has a studio above the Castle Theater, with some work also being done in Chicago where A8kelleyjordan is part of Union Handmade, a consortium of makers of handmade goods who share a workspace, collaborate, and sell their products together.

Among Jordan’s inspirations are her life, her daughter, and the small pleasures she enjoys around her.

To learn more about Jordan’s designs and upcoming shows, please go to her website,, follow her on Facebook and Instagram, or stop by the Coffee Hound Friday June 3 from 5:00-8:00 for Tour de Couture.

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