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Sometimes there’s nothing quite like the rich mouthfeel of a French Press, having those essential oils in the coffee and some of the grinds that make their way into your cup. That’s why today were are going to talk a little bit about doing a French Press at home for coffee brewing.

Everyone’s heard of a French Press and knows it’s basically a full immersion brew. Recently, however, there’s been lots of different techniques starting to come around with the French Press, some even described as a no stir or no press French Press, perhaps best for those who like less sediment or are seeking a slightly cleaner cup. James Hoffman has put out his own recipe for the no press French Press technique if you wish to investigate that method further. But today with this brief tutorial we are going for the classic method.

So, to begin, we’re going to start with a 32oz French Press, although we’re only going to be doing 16oz. Then, we’ll weigh out 30g of coffee and proceed to grind it. Most people when doing a French Press opt for a coarser grind to give less sediment when they plunge it down, although, I find a finer grind will give a slightly better flavor. Therefore, I would suggest you adjust your grind to balance these two components of your cup according to your personal preference, keeping in mind that when doing a French Press we are going for a drip grind.

Once we have ground our 30g of coffee, we will pour it into our French Press, followed by 500g of water heated to approximately 200*. Next, we will put our lid on our French Press to conserve heat and just slightly submerge our grinds under the water.

After letting our coffee brew for four minutes, it is time to plunge it down, nice and easy, trying not to create any turbulence. Then, once it’s ready, we’ll pour ourselves a cup.

Hope you like it.


And, for more info on making your French Press, please checkout the video below.