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Maybe you fell for our flavors during your years at ISU or while in town on business for just a few days. Maybe you grew up in BloNo, but moved away for work. Maybe you still live in town but don’t have time to stop by one of our shops or HyVee. Maybe you’re just a coffee lover looking for a new brew.

In any case, an excellent offering we provide for those who can’t join us at one of our stores is our Coffee Hound Subscriptions.

Subscriptions come in two varieties, Coffee and Switchback Espresso, with monthly or bimonthly shipments of 16 oz bags of our roasted-to-order whole bean products, delivered right to your door. Coffees sent are chosen specially by our roasters, Steve and Trace, based on what is best in our lineup at the time of mailing. No coffees are repeated during a single subscription period. And all orders are accompanied by both a small Houndmade “gift” and a little note to let you know about the coffee you are receiving.

Click here to choose your subscription today!