Important News and Updates

Local Take Out and Delivery Options. With the removal of our dine-in option at our cafes, and the temporary closure of our CH3 location, we would like to inform you of some ways you can still enjoy the Coffee Hound at home.  At this time you can call ahead to our Uptown and Downtown locations for pick-up beverage and bakery orders!  From 8:00am-2:00pm we will deliver to LOCAL Bloomington-Normal addresses when you place an order of $15 or more ($2 delivery fee will be added). And, as always, you can order whole bean coffee and loose leaf tea from the Sirius Roasters online store, now with free LOCAL delivery to Bloomington-Normal residents.

Featured Items

Community Gift Pack. We’re offering community gift card packs to help show support to some of our favorite local spots! Each card is valued at $10 and is good anytime. Packs are $50 and help support places you may not be able to go to currently. Shipping is FREE and we will be adding more combo packs in the coming days from more of our friends.

Jose Maria and Maria Concepcion. This GOLDEN BEAN MEDAL WINNER is the latest in our series of coffees from Gold Mountain Coffee Growers in Nicaragua. Jose Maria and Maria Concepcion, a.k.a. “The Cherry” presents a sweet, velvety cup. Grab your bag while you can!

Coffee Hound Iced Teas. The temperatures are rising which can only mean one thing! We’re brewing up iced teas again!

Tanzania Sombezi. When specialty coffee roasters seek out African coffees, most would focus heavily on Ethiopia and Kenya. Some might look towards Rwanda. After you try this coffee, you may want to add Tanzania to that list.

Paupa New Guinea. Over the years Asian Pacific coffees have seen a dramatic shift as the smallholder farmers have pushed to enter the specialty coffee market. Coming out of Papua New Guinea, Kunjin provides an exceptional cup that will please every kind of coffee drinker.

Ethiopia Suke Quto. The Suke Quto Farm, led by Ato Tesfaye Bekele, helped put Guji specialty coffee on the map! Tesfaye realized the potential of the Guji region for coffee growing, with its shaded forests and volcanic soil, and helped spread coffee seeds across the area. Order your bag of Suke Quto today!

Sirius Steeped Coffee. Packs filled with our Gravity house blend coffee are a slam *dunk*! Steep that baby in some hot water for 5 mins anywhere anytime for a taste of home while you’re on the go. Single servings and packs of 10 are available in our cafes and through the Sirius Coffee online store!