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If you’ve stopped in recently at the Coffee Hound in Bloomington you may have noticed a new barista rocking the Marzocco. What you may not know however, is that that barista is Stephanie Leonard, and she is anything but new. She has only been hiding in the kitchen, as one of our lovely bakers.

For five years Stephanie as been working at the Coffee Hound, first as a barista and more recently as one of our fabulous bakers. Schlepping to the Coffee Hound every morning before the sun even thinks about waking, Stephanie balances a full life of family (she is married to Lee Leonard and has two daughters Grey and Avery), roller derby with the McLean County MissFits and working at the Coffee Hound.

When she’s not glazing scones, or pouring latte art, Stephanie is skating as Rita Rogue, often times giving her black and blueberry bruises. Stephanie and her fellow MissFits can be found all over town in various roles, and are most recognizable by bruises, Sharpie tattoos, and their never ending schedules or work, family, and practice.

Be sure to throw her a couple bucks in the tip jar, because that scone you’re eating has been made with love, the latte your drinking has been made with expertise, and skate wheels are not cheap. Watch for posters around town, and on the community boards in the Hounds to see when you can next spot Rita Rogue elbowing some poor girl from another.