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With summer now (mostly) behind us, you may have noticed some changes in our coffee line-up. One origin has a particularly large presence in our current offerings: Guatemala. We have three Guatemalans with distinct flavor profiles, each one being featured in a different capacity.

From “Finca la Bolsa,” a farm in the Huehuetenango region, comes the first, and possibly most crucial of the three offerings. This coffee is sweet, with a floral aroma, winey acidity, and rich dark chocolate flavors. These characteristics make “Finca La Bolsa” a great addition to our espresso base, Brazil “Pocos de Caldas.” With our Espresso Perro blend currently consisting of only these two coffees, you can expect greater consistency in flavor and body.

Another addition to our line-up is an exceptional coffee from a farm called “Concepción Pixcaya” in San Juan Sacatepéquez, Guatemala. Cup of Excellence, an organization dedicated to selecting the highest-quality coffees produced in nine different countries each year, picked this coffee as one of the twenty-five best in Guatemala. “Pixcaya” boasts intensely sweet chocolate and cherry flavors with a full, buttery body and perfume-like aromatics. This is the only Guatemala we are currently serving from the automatic drip brewer, so give it a try next time you see it and grab a bag to take home if you like it!

The last Guatemala we are currently offering is produced by Agustín Hegel Fashen, owner of a farm named “Finca Cabrejo,”located in San Juan Gascón, a part of the Antigua region known for its Yellow Bourbon varietal. This particular coffee is the Reserva, a selection of the best day lot samples. From our initial cupping of “Finca Cabrejo Reserva,” we noticed vanilla-honey sweetness, mellow acidity, and a silky body culminating in a warm butterscotch finish. “Cabrejo” will be available for a limited time and will only be served by manual brewing (pour-over, french press) and as a single-origin espresso. We have yet to uncover all of the subtleties of this coffee, so explore it with us! As only the Normal location possesses the requisite equipment, this coffee will only be offered there.

Try these three wonderful representations of this origin county in the three different incarnations, you can’t miss.