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Recently, Coffee Hound has begun offering a second Costa Rica, exclusive to the Hound, in addition to our much beloved La Loma. This second Costa Rica is El Malagueno. Although from the same coffee farm as La Loma, El Malagueno is from a different micro-lot, meaning that despite being grown at the same elevation, these two coffees have experienced two different micro-climates and now possess the potential for two distinct flavors.

Upon the green seeds from these micro-lots arriving at the Coffee Hound’s new roasting facility here in Bloomington, it is then up to our roasters, Steve and Trace, to draw from them their inherent flavors, which they note can be nuanced and complex. As many of our loyal customers now know, our La Loma offers tastes reminiscent of sweet lemon, brown sugar, and hazelnut. As for the newer El Malagueno, for those wondering what to expect, we encourage you to try it, but, in the meantime will tell you it offers tastes of stone fruit like apricot, supported by toffee and caramel goodness.

Also, it is worth noting that if you have tried our new Nitro Coffee, you have actually already had a taste of El Malagueno, for our nitro brew is a blend of the two micro-lots.