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Recently, the Coffee Hound has partnered with The Green Coffee Vault, a private Direct Trade coffee facilitation group in Kansas City, Missouri. The Green Coffee Vault goes into coffee growing countries, finds the best farms around and connects them to small speciality coffee organizations, like The Coffee Hound.

Owner Tim O’Brien is passionate about bridging the gap between great coffee farms and great coffee shops. O’Brien splits his time between scouting farms in Costa Rica and connecting with coffee roasters—like Steve Fritzen—stateside. The Green Coffee Vault will offer a distinct advantage to smaller specialty coffee roasters (like us!) in particular. The direct trade that will be facilitated through The Green Coffee Vault will give Coffee Hound exclusive access to elite farms that we would have no connection with otherwise.

And starting at the end of October, Coffee Hound will get its first shipment of coffee in partnership with The Green Coffee Vault. We will be getting in 4 bags of Costa Rica Rio Jorca from the La Loma farm in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. Rio Jorca will be exclusive to the Hound and Steve Fritzen is excited to perfect the roast. Be sure to stop in soon to check out this exciting new coffee, in what promises to be the first of many great coffees coming exclusively to the Coffee Hound in partnership with the Green Coffee Vault.