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At The Coffee Hound, we try very hard to serve you the best! This means sourcing the greatest ingredients we can, and going a little out of our way to do so! After being on a waiting list for over a year, The Coffee Hound has finally partnered with Kilgus Farmstead in Fairbury, Illinois! We are now serving both whole and skim milk, as well as cream from the Farmstead’s 130 pasture fed Jersey cows.The milk is non-homogenized, so you’ll start see your barista’s shaking up jugs of milk in order to incorporate all of that delicious cream that rises to the top!

Fun Farm Facts:

  1. The cows are pasture fed through out the Spring and into the Fall!
  2. Pastures are not introduced to chemicals or fertilizers.
  3. Cows do not receive hormone treatments of any kind.
  4. Antibiotics are only used when a cow is sick, and her milk is unused until she is better!
  5. Kilgus meets all Illinois State food safety laws and is pasteurized and tested!
  6. Pasture fed cows = the production of more conjugated lineolic acid which is believed to have benefits including reducing risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and osteoporosis.
  7. Anyone can come visit the Farmstead and check out exactly what goes on out there!

The baristas of Coffee Hound are very excited to serve Kilgus milk and hope to share their excitement with our customers! Stop into either Hound and let us know what you think about this great new product!