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Get to know your Local Coffee Hound Barista!

Nathan Flessner

“My Spirit Animal is a Fox.”

Alright, let’s start with an introduction! What is your name and what do you do here at Coffee Hound?

My name is Nathan Flessner. I do many things. I can do anything involving espresso, make lattes, do pour-overs, etc. I have been here long enough that I can do anything minus managerial stuff. I’m sort of a Jack of All Trades here.

Wow! How long have you been at Coffee Hound?

You know it all starts to fade together. I am thinking I have been here right around 3 years. Probably a little less.

Why Coffee Hound? Why specialty coffee?

My brother, Nick Flessner, used to work here and he ingrained a love of “good coffee” in me. Attending classes at Illinois State University, I went to Coffee Hound in Uptown Normal almost every day to get a latte. The job just seemed really cool and all the employees seemed friendly. I really wanted to learn about the coffee so I could make it myself!

What is your favorite drink at Coffee Hound? Are lattes still your go-to?

That is a toughie. Over the years, I have definitely moved away from the lattes and become more of a coffee purist if that’s a thing. I would have to say either a single origin espresso or a pour-over.

Sounds good! What do you do outside of work? What do you like to do other than make coffee?

Well drink coffee for starters! I like to go on trips, do some rock climbing, and play some video games. But the biggest thing is hanging out with my friends. Being with people I know and love, it’s just the best feeling in life.

Final question for you Nate. If you were to describe yourself as a Coffee Hound, what kind of Hound would you be?

I would like to say a Border Collie, but it probably isn’t true! Border Collie’s are the smartest dogs in the world. I do not think I am the smartest human in the world, but a man can dream!