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Get to know your Local Coffee Hound Barista!

Victoria M.

“My Spirit Animal is a Leopard.”

Let’s start with a small introduction! What is your name and what do you do here at Coffee Hound?

My name is Victoria and I am a Senior Barista!

Excellent! How long have you been at Coffee Hound?

I have been at the Coffee Hound for over 3 years; coming up on 4!

Why Coffee Hound? Why specialty coffee?

Well, for awhile I wanted to open up my own shop. It’s a very satisfying job serving drinks to the customers. I guess it’s just a nice position withinthe service industry that makes people happy!

Is there a drink that is satisfying to you?

My favorite drink is usually the coffee. A cup of black coffee or a shot of espresso. If I’m not drinking one of those, I really enjoy the Tiger Chai; because Tigers.

What do you like to do outside of serving or drinking coffee?

I like to read comics, play video games, listen to music, and really just consume media. I like to workout as well. Gotta burn off that media.

Probably a poor question to follow up that answer, but if you were to describe yourself as a baked good that we offer at Coffee Hound, what baked good would that be?

That is a good question! I would be a Coconut Macaroon! They are delicious, like me, and we only get them every now and again! So they are rare; like me! I’m a real prize!