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For those who have not been to our website in a while, you’ll notice a lot has changed. In addition to the new look and feel, you will also find much information about not only our stores, our history, our roasters, and our bakers, but also our partners, both in here in Central Illinois and around the world.

On our new site you will be able to find out about our relationships with Kilgus Farmstead and our direct trade partnership with Alfonzo “Pancho” Granadas and his micro lot farm La Loma in Costa Rica. If you are a business owner looking to share in our products you can learn more on how we can take the first steps in that partnership together. If you are a non-profit, school, church, or local organization, you can learn more about how Coffee Hound can help support your cause.

There you will also see our new blog, which will be updated regularly to provide you with the latest news about Coffee Hound and our own unique coffee culture, as well as our new events page that will inform you of upcoming events such as our Dawg House Concerts, and a link to our online store from which, even if you happen to leave Central Illinois, you can still have the tastes you have come to love sent to you at your home.

So come to our new site and see all there is to discover at Coffee Hound.