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This week I’d like to answer some questions that you guys posed to me a couple weeks ago on Facebook.

I’d like to start with one from Pamela asking why our Iced Pumpkin Lattes are so great. Well, there’s a simple answer to that. We use four simple, wonderful ingredients. We start with pumpkin puree. We add pure maple syrup. We add organic honey. And then we put in our pumpkin spice mixture. I don’t really have and exact ratio, but basically you can add those ingredients to the spice level you like and the sweetness you desire. So we’re basically going to take two shots of espresso. We’re going to add about an ounce and a half of our syrup. We’re going to add ice as well as our whole milk, which is wonderful too (we get that from Kilgus farms).

So, we’re using great ingredients. They make a great drink. And I hope that answers Pamela’s question and you at home can have some fun trying out your own DIY Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

We also have a question from Jennifer asking about a percolator. Her percolator died after about ten or fifteen years in her house. She’d like to purchase a new one. If you can find a vintage glass Pyrex Percolator at a farmer’s market or a flea market or something like that, I think you would be really pleased. First off that glass is really thick. You can see what’s going on when you put that on your stove. So once the water gets to almost that boiling point and it starts to percolate, you can really see that happen and turn your burner down so you don’t get those bitter flavors. For newer models, I went to Amazon. There’s a Presto Electric Percolator that looks good. There’s probably a lot you can do with other options. I would recommend stovetop just so you could control the flame and the extraction a little bit. So, I hope that answers Jennifer’s question.

And lastly, there’s Jose who was just asking me what’s my favorite method of brewing coffee at home. And I have to say it’s probably my V60 pourover. That’s what I make every single day. I’ve got the Kalita Wave. I’ve got the Phoenix Brewer we use in our shops. We’ve used all these brewers in our shops. And I just find for me at home the V60 is very easy, very repeatable, and give me the consistency I’m looking for. But, with that being said, the V60 does need a great grinder. With the wrong grinder you can start causing some over extraction, giving you that muddy, silty top layer when you are finished with the draw down. I’ve got a really great grinder so when I have that flat bed at the end, it looks like wet sand. It’s very nice. It’s just a very even grind. So, really fine for an even grind, V60 is a great way to brew coffee at home. It’s my favorite way, besides espresso (but that’s another story).

I hope this answers your questions. I’d like to keep answering more if you have any. So, in the following weeks, just post something here on our blog, or on this post on Facebook or YouTube, or email us at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

It’s been a pleasure. Thanks!