Only certain businesses are able to offer more than a place or product. It takes passion, knowledge, and an investment in the people surrounding the business to make a place feel like it's a part of the community. The Hound is one of the few places in Blono where you get that feeling. It's the amazing baristas memorizing your order, the daily playlists giving you all the feels, and the excitement April and Steve create through their passion for all things coffee. It's more than a cup of coffee. It's a process. It's a family. Everyone is welcome.


I've been frequenting Coffee Hound since my freshman year at Illinois State. I like it because it's a cute coffee shop and located in the Uptown area. I love the atmosphere inside and out, and enjoy that there is something for everyone. Before the Hound, I'd never had a latte that I liked. The Coffee Hound has a really smooth and delicious latte which is now my go-to order!


I began coming to the Coffee Hound around three years ago. It wasn't long after my first visit that I found myself coming here every day. It's a great place to study or relax on the weekends. You can tell that the staff love what they do and care about the craft! I recommend Coffee Hound to anyone who values small businesses.


I've been a customer since 2016. The relaxing ambience is what continually brings me back. Even if there is background noise, it helps me to feel productive. The environment feels very safe to be in and I really value that Coffee Hound has ethically sourced coffee.


I love coming to the Coffee Hound because it's a different experience than any other cafe I've been too. It has a feels like home and has the best coffee around Bloomington-Normal. Plus, the Uptown location is close to ISU's campus which is very convenient for me.


There are two major reasons that I keep coming back to coffee hound: the quality of coffee and the customer service. The staff knows me and my order, which means I'm consistently getting a great drink.