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A good bakery is hard to find. In a community the size of Bloomington-Normal, you may not expect to find a big city caliber bakery in your own back yard. But wait! The Coffee Hound has got you covered. Though we are known for our top-tier coffee, we have cultivated another area of excellence that you may not be aware of…

If you enjoy a Saturday morning cinnamon roll or a cranberry-orange scone with your coffee, then you are already aware of one of the Hound’s best kept secrets: our made from scratch bakery.

That’s right, made from scratch. All of the Coffee Hound’s baked goods are made from fresh, high quality ingredients every morning at the Bloomington Location. Our bakers have perfected dozens of recipes for scones, muffins, bars, cookies, macaroons, croissants, and granola.

Bakers Jan Schwartz and Stephanie Leonard start working every morning as early as 3:30am to prepare bakery for the day. Every day, they pick a handful of high quality, creative recipes—not to mention a few daily staples like the cranberry orange Scone and the raisin bran muffin—and create an array of bakery items to satisfy any appetite.

Jan Schwartz has been baking for the Hound for more than 8 years and is behind staples like the Sunday morning quiche and the cranberry orange scone. More recently, Jan has perfected the paleo and gluten free bakery—offering an equally tasty treat for Hounders with allergies or who simply want to watch their sugar/gluten intake. While many paleo/gluten free food items sacrifice taste, Jan’s recipes maximize quality and offer baked goods that are just as good as the regular bakery. If you haven’t taken a risk on the paleo/gluten free bakery yet, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Stephanie started out as a barista before joining Jan in the bakery, and has perfected the difficult and delicious macaroons (if you haven’t tried one yet, do it this week! You won’t be sorry) and our new homemade croissants. You are probably most familiar with her famous Saturday-morning giant cinnamon rolls, but she has such a wide arsenal of recipes that always provide something new to try.

So next time you’re enjoying a Coffee Hound bakery item, tell your barista to send your regards to our top-notch bakers.