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At the Coffee Hound we are dedicated to providing the best experience for our customers both in our shops when they order their coffee and at home when they brew their own. For some customers this might mean helping them better develop their palette to discern a washed from a natural, or take note of the subtle tastes of fruit or chocolate in one brew or another. For others this might mean assisting them in troubleshooting a difficulty in their home brewing process. And still for others this might mean just helping them better understand why we offer the coffees we offer and help them learn the stories behind them.


For example, did you know our Costa Rica La Loma and Costa Rica El Malagueno come from a direct trade relationship with a small, independent farmer who produces no more than 30-40 bags of coffee annually? Or that our Burundi Washed and Burundi Natural are offered thanks to a partnership with an organization known as The Long Miles Coffee Project which works to improve the lives of farmers in one of the poorest countries in the world by empowering them through better agricultural practices?

Due to our commitment to ensuring each customer gets the most out of their cup, we are proud to announce that we have brought back our Coffee Hound Brew Bars at both our Bloomington and Normal locations. At our Coffee Hound Brew Bars, customers can learn more about the coffees they love, their unique features and stories, and whatever else they may like to know about their favorite drink with the help of our trained coffee technicians. Additionally, when ordering at our Brew Bars, our customers will have the opportunity to try some of our higher-end coffees upon request.

Coffee Hound Brew Bar

To get the most out of your cup, be sure to stop by one of our Coffee Hound Brew Bars today!