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In our continuing efforts to decrease the Coffee Hound’s impact on the Earth, we have started composting. In the beginning of March, we started composting all of our food waste and any other materials that are viable for composting. Midwest Fiber is the company we selected to handle all composting for us. This has heavily decreased our trash taken to the dumpster, to the tune of an average 150 pounds of composted material each week. This is in addition to the heavy amount of recycling that Coffee Hound already does. All materials that can be composted or recycled are being handled in that way. Coffee Hound is continuously sourcing new products that are environmentally friendly and the best quality for our customers. For instance, we use plastic take-away cups made from eco-friendly corn products that are biodegradeable and compostable. For those of you who are purchasing our retail coffee to brew at home, which we hope is all of you, you may have noticed our brown bags. These bags debuted a couple of years ago at our Farmers Market booth and are completely compostable as well, simply remove the tie at the top of the bag. Coffee Hound also does everything within our power to conserve energy and water and we are always looking for products that are either Energy Star rated or that have a lower electricity usage. We will always look for products and behaviors that allow us to reduce our environmental impact, while maintaing the high quality of product that Coffee Hound customers have come to expect.