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2014 has seen the implementation of several key technologies that will push the Hound into the future. Including:

The New POS System
Have you noticed that the traditional, bulky cash registers have been replaced by a series of iPads? This isn’t just so staff can take selfies and check Facebook at work, but is actually an advanced POS system that will fine tune accounting and streamline the checkout process. After a very successful trial run at the Normal location, Bloomington has also adopted the system and the staff have already adapted. “I really like the new system” says barista Megan Speller, “it’s easy to use and it never crashes—as long as the iPad is charged”.

Cropster & TDS Reader
Maybe you’ve also noticed Steve punching data into a laptop while roasting lately–that’s because of Cropster. Cropster is a digital reader on the roaster that allows Steve to precisely track what is going on during the roasting process. This has given the Hound’s coffee a consistency and the ability to fine tune roast profiles in ways we could have never done without the technology. So if you have noticed that Coffee Hound coffee has gotten even better, some of that is thanks to Cropster. Next time your back near the roaster, ask Steve about some of the more technological details.

The Hound has also implemented what is called a TDS reader. The TDS Reader digitally analyses the profile of our coffee brewers. This will allow us to fine tune the brew of the coffee—letting us know if we need to make changes to the hardness & softness of the water, the water temperature, or coffee in the brewer. These “behind the scenes” technologies are helping take Coffee Hound to the next level of quality and consistency.

Last, but certainly not least, the Coffee Hound is on the verge of launching a brand new website! This website will be fully responsive, aesthetically delightful, and interactive. Designed by Coffee Hound regular Josh Jeffrey, the site is 95% done and will be publically released soon. Look for an improved blog, store, and social media presence to come with this website.

Here is what the new site will look like:

Coffee Hound Website