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Sirius Coffee Colombia

Earlier this year we got our first direct trade coffee from Colombia and our customers have been enjoying it ever since. Produced by Delphin Carvajal, our Colombia El Corosal comes from the Huila region of Colombia which we visited personally in August of last year.

There we witnessed the great things being done in that region and learned about some remarkable processing methods implemented there. For example, our beans, after undergoing a temperature-dependent 18-30 hour fermentation period, are placed on parabolic drying beds for 20-25 days, contributing to their longevity and the overall integrity of the cup they ultimately provide.

Like many coffees grown in Huila, our Colombia El Corosal possesses the region’s characteristic fruited acidity and flavor offered by no other part of Colombia. When you taste our Colombia El Corosal, you will be sure to note its vibrant acidity, as well as it wonderful flavors of green apple and red fruits with an added caramel sweetness, all coming together for a truly dynamic cup.

If you have not yet tried our Colombia El Corosal, you can find it available at our Coffee Hound Cafes and available through the Sirius Coffee Roasters online store.