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Welcome to Coffee Hound’s new online store!

Our goal is to expand our shop and provide customers with our coffee, delivered right to their doorstep!

We change our coffees seasonally, so what we have in house will be what is available online. As soon as we get a new shipment of coffees, our online customers get the same pick of their beans like in-house does!

We roast all of our coffees to order on Monday and they will be shipped the next day via the United Sates Postal Service. You can expect quick delivery and guaranteed freshness with every bag of beans!

Our other goal is to help provide the most coffee information possible to our customers. As a small business, we believe in living locally and do our best to visit farms and connect with coffee at the origin. Some of our coffees have truly remarkable stories, like our new Colombia Magdelena Teyuna, which is grown by the Kogui Tribe, who have remained disconnected from any outside influence and who have just recently started learning Spanish to communicate with the government and others. We want our customers to understand where their coffee comes from and what makes it so delicious!

From here on out, our blog will update customers about our coffee, about our shop, and about coffee news in general.

We hope you enjoy!