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As the leaves change colors this fall, so will our coffees. And although our summer flavors will certainly be missed, we’re excited to bring you several new ones you will be sure to love. This season we’ll have new single origins coffees from Kenya, Ethiopia, and Guatemala, as well as new blends for our trademark Red Dog and Switchback. Plus we’ll see the return of an old favorite, La Loma!

From the Gatumbi region, our Kenya radiates a slightly savory, raspberry Life-Saver taste. Our Ethiopia, a washed bean from Limu, possesses the floral essence of an herbal earl gray tea with notes of blackberry and chocolate. Our Guatemala this season is brewed from an Antiguan peaberry, small, beautifully even beans that have received all the sugars that would ordinarily go into two beans, noticeable in this coffee’s crisp apple, honey taste.

Our Guatemala is also used in our Red Dog blend this fall, alongside a Nicaragua— together producing a flavor that combines yellow plum, butterscotch, mandarin orange, and caramel. In addition to staple blends, our Switchback Espresso, is a blend of two Brazils from two different lots, roasted to be the perfect fall comfort with a mellow acidity, creamy body, a bit
of pizazz.

And finally, after months of waiting, we are proud to announce what we are sure will be one of the highlights of the season, one of our personal favorites, Costa Rica La Loma, which Steve and Trace are cupping now in preparation for its long awaited return.