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As many of you are aware, the Coffee Hound is turning thirteen this year, and as you probably noticed, we have decided to go with a fresh look. This has meant late nights and long hours for Steve and April, as well as several of our friends and members of our team. It has also meant an out of place ladder or can of paint here and there, as well as a couple days in August where we had to reduce our hours at one location or remain closed for a day at the other.

However, as you can begin to tell, our hard work and these minor inconveniences have definitely been worth it. Over the years, we have repainted on numerous occasions, but, for the first time we are actually changing the color of our shops. This may seem like a minor detail at first, but we assure you it’s actually part of a larger effort to help bring a stylistic unity to the two locations, combining the architectural character of Bloomington with the modern style of Normal. As we continue, we will be adding refinished pallet wood along some of our walls, putting in new displays for our merchandise, and opening up new seating in Bloomington. Like many changes, these will come gradually, but we know the final product will have us looking better than ever, and once you see it, we hope you will agree.

Coffee Hound Remodel