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This summer the Coffee Hound is proud to offer imports from several exotic locales in Africa, Asia, and South and Central America. Below we have compiled some tasting notes, as well as some fun facts to help you get to know this summer’s great flavors.

Ethiopia Natural Reko Washing Station

  • Naturally processed, pulped, fermented and dried at the Reko Washing Station in the Kochere region of Ethiopia, where more than 850 farmers from Yirgacheffe bring their beans.
  • Known for creamy peach and mango flavors.

Kenya Rung’eto Kii Washing Station

  • Grown in the hills of Mount Kenya.
  • Well balanced, with no overpowering acidity or intensity.
  • Possesses a taste reminiscent of sweet-candied strawberry.

Sumatra Umang Super

  • Meticulously sorted with extra detail and care at the Ketiara Coop, where beans remain separated by farm and by lot.
  • Full bodied with notes of black tea and sweet lime.

Colombia Supremo Dulima

  • Yielded from large, handpicked, and carefully harvested beans.
  • Offers notes of sweet, sugary cherry.

Guatemala Atitlan Don Santiago

  • From the beautiful region around Lake Atitlan in the Guatemalan Highlands.
  • Grown in fertile soil surrounded by thee volcanoes.
  • Loved for its creamy chocolate and juicy tart cherry tastes.

Costa Rica La Loma

  • Grown on the La Loma Microlot, owned by Alfonso “Poncho” Granados, with whom the Coffee Hound enjoys a direct trade relationship.
  • A local favorite known for its sweet lemon, brown sugar, and hazelnut notes.

Switchback Espresso Blend

  • Comprised of the right blend of Brazil Fazenda Passeio, Natural Ethiopia Reko, and Kenya Rung’eto.
  • Possesses a silky body with hints of candied stone fruit and browning sugars.

Red Dog House Blend

  • A fine blend of Colombia Supremo Dulima and Guatemala Don Santiago.
  • Medium roasted and pleasurable for coffee drinkers of all tastes, with a creamy milk chocolate and juicy fruit tastes.

Decaf Colombia Swiss Water Process

  • Decaffeinated in Canada through the certified organic, 100% chemical free, Swiss Water Process.
  • Slightly more refined and pure than mountain water processed decaf.
  • Presents a medium bodied, with creamy caramel and sweet citrus.