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Think back to when you were a kid. How happy you were when your parents let you eat your favorite strawberry toaster pastry for breakfast? Do you remember the joy you’d feel when your mother surprised you with a cream-filled chocolate cupcake in your lunchbox? Or how fun was it to sneak a Swiss roll as an after-school-snack before dinner? Do you miss those days?

Well, starting this past summer we began rolling out a new line of #ThrowbackThursday Coffee Hound Baked Goods, each one a classic taste from your childhood with our own unique spin, each one meant to help you relive those days gone by or share them with someone you love.

So, stop in Thursdays at either Hound and have a Strawberry Hound Toaster Pastry for breakfast. Pick up a Cream-Filled Chocolate Hound Cupcake to go with your lunch. Or come in after work and sneak a Coffee Hound Sun Crunch or Coffee Hound Swiss Roll before dinner. We promise we won’t tell 🙂