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For a limited time Coffee Hound will be offering a real special coffee hailing from Colombia. Oscar Agudelo Hoyos grows coffee on 5.5 hectacres with 3.3 hectares devoted to a variety of coffee known as yellow bourbon.  Although bourbon coffees are more dominant in Central and South America, in Colombia they are rare.  This yellow bourbon is a natural cross between yellow bourbon and Amerelo de Botacuto (typical hybrid).   This coffee offers slightly more sweetness and a delicate mouthfeel and elegant finish.  This may be one of the first ever sortings of yellow bourbon coffee ever to come from Colombia.  This coffee is grown in the Hula province in the region of Alto del Obispo.  The El Diamante farm is located at 1660 meters.  Oscar sorts his varieties out before processing and keeps them separated.  He picks ripe cherries, dry ferments for 24 hours and then rinses 4 times before they are moved to covered patios for 3 days.  Then they finish drying in a more sunny part of the patio one last time.  This coffee showcases what we love about a great Colombian coffee.  You will notice a wonderful sweet coffee, with tropical fruit flavors, caramel, and vanilla aromatics, balanced with a crisp acidity.  WE hope you enjoy this coffee while our supply lasts.